Best Nihari in Abu Dhabi

Non-veg dishes, when cooked to perfection, can make your taste buds go wild. And one such dish that you just cannot resist is Nihari. However, unless you master the art of slow cooking, inherent to the Awadhi style of cooking, it is not possible to prepare mouth-watering Nihari. So, if you want the best Nihari in Abu Dhabi, you should visit Wazwan Restaurant because we have chefs who have mastered the art of slow cooking.

Welcome to the world of Wazwan Restaurant!

Wazwan Restaurant not just offers an exceptional dine-in experience, but it also provides a luxuriating Awadhi cuisine. We serve the best Gosht Nihari in Abu Dhabi. People from the Indian sub-continent love to indulge in well-prepared and tasty Awadhi cuisine, and that is what we have mastered. We deliver a fulsome dine-in experience to people who are fond of Awadhi food.

Brief history of Nihari

Gosht Nihari is a stew from the Indian subcontinent comprising of slow-cooked meat along with its bone marrow. Nihari originates from the Arabic word nahaar, which means morning. The Nawabs in the Mughal Empire started eating this dish in breakfast.

In the late 18th century, Nihari originated either in Hyderabad, Old Delhi or in the royal kitchens of Awadh, which we now know as Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The dish is delicious and spicy, and people love to have it all over the world.

The cooking style is what makes all the difference. And at Wazwan Restaurant, we have specialist chefs who have mastered the art of slow cooking.

About Abu Dhabi and its food choices

People in Abu Dhabi have an innate sense of good food. Like gastronomes all over the world, people here also love to dine out pretty often. With Abu Dhabi being a cosmopolitan city, residents here have plenty of food choices when they venture out to dine. From standard Emirati cuisine to Chinese, Lebanese, European, French, Japanese, Malaysian, and Awadhi, you have a wide variety of restaurants catering to the tastes of individuals. And since the city houses a large expat population from the Indian subcontinent, one cuisine that rules the roost is Awadhi food.

Yes, Awadhi cuisine is extremely popular in this region.

Reasons why you should visit Wazwan Restaurant for Gosht Nihari?

The main purpose of dining out is to enjoy and relish the taste. And if Gosht Nihari is your weakness, then we have got you covered, taste-wise. Here are some of the other strong reasons why you should visit us:

  1. Perfect ambience
  2. Luscious, delicious, and scrumptiously prepared Gosht Nihari – the best Nihari in Abu Dhabi.
  3. Variety
  4. Exceptional chefs
  5. Courteous and friendly staff
  6. Excellent service
  7. Value for money
  8. Hygiene

We take all the necessary COVID precautions

Trust and reliability are the two most important factors why people become your repeat customers. At Wazwan Restaurant, we make sure we keep all our customers happy, satisfied, and safe. We follow all the COVID precautions that a restaurant needs to adhere to in today’s times. Here are some of the precautions that we take:

  1. We adhere to the distancing norms laid down by the government.
  2. All our employees wear masks and gloves, and they also cover their heads properly.
  3. We sanitise our space regularly.
  4. We check the temperature of all our employees and guests.
  5. We offer a contactless dining experience.
  6. All our employees are vaccinated.
  7. We also conduct regular COVID tests of our employees.

If you are a foodie living in Abu Dhabi and looking for the best restaurant that serves Gosht Nihari, you should visit Wazwan Restaurant today.