Royal chefs and cooks were trained to render exquisite culinary spread, fit for ‘NAWABI TASTES’

About Us

Wazwan offers culinary joys in the form of cuisines belonging to Awadh, the royals of lucknow.

The History

Awadh was an erstwhile province during the Mughal period in India. It was governed by the Nawabs in Faizabad first and then Lucknow. The Nawabs themselves were extremely fond of food. The food was as important to them as the courtly affairs. The Awadhi food mostly drew its inspiration from the Mughal style of cooking.

A large expat Indian population has ensured Abu Dhabi too has a number of desi restaurants serving mughlai and awadhi dishes. Wazwan Restaurant in Al Markaziya is one such restaurant specialising in mouth-watering galauti kebabs, nihari, grill and a host of other Awadhi dishes.

The cooking style of Awadhi cuisine is similar to the one followed in Central Asia and the Middle East. The essence of Awadhi cuisine lies in ‘dum style’ that is mastering the art of cooking food over a slow fire. Unless you master the art of slow cooking, it is difficult to get the taste right.

If you are in Abu Dhabi, and want to indulge in a sumptuous Awadhi then head to Wazwan Restaurant. Our specialist chefs would ensure that you’ve a pleasant and memorable ‘Nawabi’ dining experience.

Wazwan offers includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, prepared with exotic spices , herbs garnished with dry fruits and flavours further enhanced and polished by adding flavours of saffron and other Indian spices.

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