Indian Food Delivery in Abu Dhabi

India is home to many popular cuisines, and one among them is north Indian cuisine. North Indian dishes enjoy widespread popularity not just among Indians, but people from other Asian countries also love these dishes. Regardless of where they stay, those who relish North Indian dishes look for the best north Indian restaurant near them to get the food they love the most. And things are not any different for those staying in Abu Dhabi either. Abu Dhabi has a large expat population, and many among them belong to India and other Asian countries. That is why you have so many north Indian restaurants in Abu Dhabi. But all restaurants serving north Indian dishes in Abu Dhabi are not equal. To get the best north Indian food, you need to find the best north Indian restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

Your search for the best north Indian restaurant in Abi Dhabi should end with Wazwan Restaurant. Without a doubt, one of the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi serving north Indian food is Wazwan Restaurant.

We don’t just offer the best north Indian food in Abu Dhabi, but we also provide an exquisite dine-in experience. We have professional chefs who have years of experience in preparing numerous Indian cuisines. From specialised Awadhi cuisine like Galauti Kebab to popular dishes like Kadi Chawal, we serve the best non-vegetarian and vegetarian Indian food in Abu Dhabi.

Food choices in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a cosmopolitan city, and it is home to a large expat population from all over the world. That is why you can find different restaurants in Abu Dhabi serving different cuisines. Meat, rice, and fish are the staple foods of the residents of Abu Dhabi. People here prefer lamb and mutton over other forms of meat.

From standard Emirati cuisine to Chinese, Lebanese, European, French, Japanese, Malaysian, Moroccan, and North Indian, you have a wide variety of restaurants catering to the tastes of individuals living in Abu Dhabi.

Since Indians form a sizeable chunk of the expat population living in Abu Dhabi, many Abu Dhabi restaurants serve north Indian food.

Our North Indian Specialities

People in India are fond of both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. Indians appreciate the art of slow cooking as much as they love the taste of tandoori dishes. Many north Indian dishes are popular in Abu Dhabi.

Some of the famous Indian dishes that we serve and people relish in Abu Dhabi include:

  1. wadhi cuisine – Lucknowi Shaami Kebab Shahi, Lucknowi Galauti kebab, Kakori Kebab, Zafrani Gosht Seekh Kebab, etc.
  2. Tandoori – Murgh Tandoori, Murgh Afghani Tangri, Murgh Ke Sholay, etc.
  3. - A host of Murgh and Mutton dishes like Murgh Kadai, Desi Bhuna Chicken, Handi Murgh, etc. and Mutton Kadai, Gosht Nihari, Lucknowi Shahi Korma Khaas, etc.
  4. - Biryani – Lucknowi Murgh Zafrani Biryani, Mutton Family Pack Biryani, Murgh Kebab Platter Biryani, etc.
  5. - Vegetarian specialties – Paneer Tikka, Aloo Tikki, Paneer Hariyali Tikka, Panner Lucknowi, Paneer Pasanda, Sabz Saloni, etc.
  6. Dal – Dal Makhani, Dal Tadka, etc.
  7. Cholay Bhaturey, Rajma Rice, Poori Sabzi, etc.
  8. Sweet dishes – Gajar ka Halwa, Shahi Tukra, Rasmalai, etc.

Why you should visit Wazwan Restaurant for North Indian food?

AThere are many reasons why Wazwan Restaurant is the place you need to visit if you are planning to dine out in Abu Dhabi for the best north Indian cuisine:

  1. Mouth-watering, delicious, and scrumptiously prepared north Indian cuisine (both veg and non-veg)
  2. Perfect ambience
  3. Variety
  4. Master chefs
  5. Courteous and polite staff
  6. Excellent service
  7. Value for money

Your Safety is Our Priority

  1. We adhere to the distancing norms laid down by the government.
  2. All our employees wear masks and gloves, and they also cover their heads properly
  3. We sanitise our space regularly.
  4. We check the temperature of all our employees and guests.
  5. We offer a contactless dining experience.
  6. All our employees are vaccinated.
  7. We also conduct regular COVID tests of our employees.

TIf you are looking for the best north Indian restaurant in Abu Dhabi, you need to visit Wazwan Restaurant.

Visit us to satiate your taste buds!